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Members benefits

What benefits come from signing up to Harry’s Pledge?

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Carers UK supports Harry’s Pledge, and is committed to helping housing organisations become carer-friendly employers.

Carers UK’s employer forum, Employers for Carers, can help your organisation develop workplace policies and practices that support working carers while promoting a carer-friendly workplace culture.

Member organisations benefit from a wide selection of training and resources and, through the digital platform, it delivers tools to HR teams and line managers which they can use flexibly to support carers in their organisation, helping them to juggle both paid work and care. 

The cost of Employers for Carers Plus membership is normally £5,500 per annum for employers with over 1,000 employees and £4,000 for employers with fewer than 1,000 employees. Carers UK are offering all housing organisations signed up to Harry’s Pledge a discount on the annual membership, as detailed below:

Employers with over 1,000 employees: £4,000 per year
Employers with fewer than 1,000 employees: £3,000 per year

Please email Carers UK to find out more.