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Notting Hill Genesis has signed up to Harry’s Pledge, showing its commitment to carers.

Katie Bond, Group Director of Sales and Building Safety, and Executive Sponsor of the Carers Network at Notting Hill Genesis, said: “Carers have typically been the behind –the scenes heroes, selflessly looking after loved ones alongside their role within our organisation. Prior to the pandemic, the Carers Network was established to ensure carers are recognised throughout Notting Hill Genesis and to begin breaking down perceived barriers and taboos.

“Since the pandemic, carers have become centre-stage heroes with the world recognising the important work they do.

“We want to continue to advocate for carers, ensuring we’re looking after our employees who have care responsibilities and ensuring they can progress in their careers without fear of judgement.

“Our support for carers is part of our wider commitment to diversity and inclusion, a key strand of our corporate strategy and one of our values.

“Harry’s Pledge embodies our passion to ensure carers remain centre stage and to enhance our commitment to carers within our organisation and beyond.”

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