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Harry’s Pledge is delighted to announce details of an upcoming event that will shine a light on the importance of supporting carers working within the housing sector. 

The event – Caring for Our Carers – is being hosted by the Chartered Institute of Housing and will include an opening talk by the Reverend Richard Coles. 

Delegates will also hear from a panel of expert speakers, including Longhurst Group’s Chief Executive Julie Doyle, who’s grandson Harry is the inspiration behind Harry’s Pledge, and Madeleine Starr MBE from Carers UK.  

The event, which is free to CIH members, will focus on how housing associations can work together to shape the wider public debate on valuing care and those providing it, featuring discussions about how to support paid and unpaid carers working in the housing sector 

Caring for Our Carers takes place on Tuesday, 20 April from 10am to 11.30amDelegates will also be able to ask questions of the panel of experts and guest speakers. 

To find out more and to book your place, click here.