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Harry’s Pledge is pleased to see further funding being made available by the Government to support the provision of Changing Places toilets.

Local authorities have been invited to apply for a share of £6.5 million as part of the second round of the Changing Places Fund, which aims to help local authorities increase the number of Changing Places toilets available in publicly accessible buildings.

This is in addition to £23.5 million made available in the first phase of the fund.

Changing Places toilets provide a specialist space for disabled people and their carers to use toilet and changing facilities in a dignified and accessible manner.

Julie Doyle, Chief Executive of Longhurst Group which was an early adopter of Harry’s Pledge, said: “Changing Places toilets are vital facilities for families such as mine, and without them my grandson Harry wouldn’t be able to travel far from home. Whether a location has Changing Places facilities is always a big consideration when deciding where we can take Harry.

“Changing Places has a really helpful map that details all of the facilities in the local area, but there simply aren’t enough of these toilets.”

Harry’s Pledge is a big supporter of Changing Places toilets and believes that more facilities matching these standards should be made available as they have a huge impact on families with caring responsibilities.

To find out more about Changing Places toilets, visit https://www.changing-places.org/