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Harry’s Pledge founder Hayley Charlesworth will be taking part in an interactive workshop to introduce the pledge to members of The Network for Women Working in Social Housing (WISH).

WISH members have been invited to join the workshop on 1 September to learn more about Harry’s Pledge and how they can show their support to carers within the housing sector.

Hayley will be joined by Lynn Stubbs, Longhurst Group’s Executive Director of People and Performance, as they outline how organisations who sign up to the Pledge can support carers in a number of ways.

These include:

  1. As employers
  2. In our workspaces
  3. In the homes we build
  4. Providing training and career progression

To date, more than 40 housing organisations have already signed up to Harry’s Pledge and it is hoped workshops such as this will encourage even more to join the initiative.

This particular workshop is suitable for anyone who members of WISH who are leading housing organisations, involved in Organisational Development/HR, those working in the care sector, carers or anyone who just wants to find out more about this fantastic initiative.

The workshop takes place between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Tuesday, 1 September via Zoom.

To sign up for the session