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We are delighted with the response from housing organisations across the country in signing up for Harry’s Pledge.

At Longhurst Group, they’ve been speaking with colleagues who have caring responsibilities. One, Carina, shared her story about how she helped care for her mum.

She said: “My mum Betty was an incredibly inspirational woman. She beat stage four throat cancer, lost her voice and spent six months in hospital.

“She had many different health conditions that meant she needed a lot of support and I was her carer.

“There were a lot of challenging days and I remember sitting in a meeting in Nottingham with my manager and for a very long time I had kept how I was feeling to myself. I just cried and cried and my boss just listened.

“It was at that time I realised I wasn’t alone going through this. Yes mum was my focus, but I needed some support too.”

You can hear Carina’s full story in the video below.